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Friday, June 03, 2011

i wear a different pair of shoes every day, mainly because my feet wants it that way.  meaning that my feet can’t handle it when i wear the same shoes twice in a row, i get cramps in the bottom of my feet – probably because i am so flat footed.
so for that reason i decided to take a photo this week of the different shoes i had on to work.

tuesday:  my granny shoes (what wayne call them) – but they are SO comfortable. 
wednesday:  brown boots
thursday:  brown shoes with my brownish long dress
friday:  today i’m wearing my sandals with a summer dress (since the weather is so nice today)
i also decided this week that since i am rubbish at housework i will make my lovely husband a packed lunch everyday.  and the fact it saves money to take your own lunch to work.  so on monday i order our groceries online. and for then i made hubby his lunch.  the photo below was thursday’s lunch.  where he got:  a seeded sandwich with cheese & ham, a tomato (to cut at work for the sandwich); cherries & grapes & also dried mango pieces & as a little sweet – he got a summer fruit bar with chocolate.  shame he couldn’t wait to phone me and tell me how much he is enjoying his packed lunches.  this morning when he left for work – he even missed his train because he had to turn back to come and fetch his lunchbox that he forgot in the fridge.  he said:  that shows just how much he loves the lunches.

I wish everyone a fantastic weekend! we are going to the spanish street carnival in regent street on sunday.  we went last year and we LOVED it!

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  1. oh! Loved your shoes, especially the brown boots... so cute! :) the lunches look amazing, I'll miss my train and be late for work for a yummy lunchbox like that...! :) Love you always my sis... :) xx


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