a sunny thursday sky-ness

11.03.24 Thursday sky-ness
spring is here….spring is here……spring is here….woohoo!!!!
this is what our sky looks like today! the only thing i’m wondering is HOW long will these sunny days last?  it’s not like london is known for very consistent weather…. oh no…. here the sun can shine one minute and the next you  have to walk around with an umbrella.
the ONLY bad thing about a lovely day like this is the fact that i have to sit in the office ALL DAY!  and won’t be able to enjoy the sun (and bit of heat that goes with it).  by the time that i can go home – it’s almost dark and probably overcast again.  therefore i am SO glad that the clocks are changing on sunday, for daylight savings time.  and then we will only be 1 hour behind SA.
i wish everyone a wonderful sunny day! 

weekend & week so far

on saturday we had such a sunny & warm day, it really felt like spring.  we had to wait for our gas provider (for the house).  the appointment was from 8am until 1pm.  so we got up early, showered & had breakfast. did a few things in the house & by 2pm STILL no engineer.  hubby gave them a call and they said that the engineer has been trying to phone us & can’t get hold of us (BUT WE HAVE BEEN HOME ALL MORNING).  then we were told that the engineer is running late and won’t be in time to meet us.  and they can’t tell us when he will (eventually) show up.  we decided to hang around until 5pm (when they close). 

i got us salads to sit outside in the sun for lunch. 

by 4pm wayne was FED-UP.  he said that he’s waited LONG enough for this stupid * (* won’t use the REAL word wayne used here) engineer, we wasted our WHOLE saturday AND this AWESOME weather at the house.

so by 5pm we left the house (still no sign OR even phone call) from the engineer or the gas company.

we walked around in town:

  even found a ‘Swann’ grave

and sat in a book store, reading books AND then the ‘stupid’ gas engineer phoned (at 10 to 6, even though they only work until 5pm) and said that he is at our front door now…  wayne said to him that we are about 45min away from the house, will he wait.  NO he can’t wait & he even said to wayne that we were expecting him so why are we not home (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!) wayne told him the story AND that he was told that they only work until 5pm that is why we left.  of course he couldn’t say anything about that…

now we have to phone them back AND make ANOTHER appointment for this weekend.  lets hope for the best! 

on sunday, the weather was grey and not sunny – like saturday (typical).  we went down to covent garden to drink some tea & coke (for wayne) and just walk around and stare at ALL the strange people.

  clever wayne

today the weather is simply gorgeous.  i walked past one of the most beautiful station (i think so) in london – Kings Cross Station, and took these photos

on my way to work i also walk past this church (called the crib) and noticed these statues on the building

hope everyone had a GREAT week so far.


firstly I want to start of by saying that I suck at making ‘proper’ food.  and what I mean with ‘proper’ food is the typical south african food of veggies, roast & all the goodies that go with it.

for example a normal conversation between hubby & me when i make dinner:
hubby:  is this suppose to be eaten together?
me:  YES! (a bit annoyed)
hubs:  but you know that there is mince AND chicken pieces in the freezer?
me:  yes and?
hubs:  and you know that you served a lamb chop ONTOP of the pasta?
me:  YES I KNOW???!!  but i felt like lamb chops AND pasta.
hubs:  ok then. (he say this with a sigh and get up from the table to get a small plate.  he then take the chop of the pasta put in it in the small plate. eat the pasta and then the chop).

see what i mean…

my poor husband always goes along with it and even compliment me on my cooking skills (lack of it i think).
so to improve my cooking skills (and make proper & normal food).  i am going to start making all our dinner meals out of recipe books and give my lovely husband a nice wholesome dinner every night.  (and yes hubby you did read this on MY blog and yes it is ME that wrote this – so no more chops with pasta and any other funny meals i made you eat).

to show you all that i am trying to achieve this, i made THE best pizza last night (fine i have to start easy).  it was AWESOME!!
11.03.17 Dinner_Pizza111.03.17 Dinner_Pizza2
and on that note…..

i wish EVERYONE a safe & FANTASTIC weekend!!

thursday sky-ness

today’s sky picture is a bit depressing BUT nothing i can do about the weather…
its just strange that the 3 days the sky was BLUE and cloudless; still very chilly out but at least we had sun.
how AWESOME is the little spring flowers??
have a FANTASTIC thursday!!

pancake day

wow, 2 posts in ONE day – that doesn’t happen very often.
yesterday was pancake day (it’s called this because it’s the tuesday before lent (40 day’s of fasting starts – before easter). lent starts on sunday. Pancakes are associated with the day preceding Lent because they were a way to use up rich foodstuffs such as eggs, milk, and sugar, before the fasting season of the 40 days of Lent.)
i made us pancakes with spinach & ham & cheese for dinner. AND pancakes with nutella & cream for dessert.  BOTH were YUMMY!! this may sound VERY fattening for dinner & dessert BUT i made the pancakes with wholemeal flower – so they were healthy (i think).
hope everyone had a GREAT pancake day!!
11.03.08 Pancake preperation
11.03.08 Pancake Day_food
11.03.08 Pancake Day_StephWayne

handwriting game

my lovely sister, Janine tagged me for this game! i normally dislike doing things like this, BUT i thought it will be a fun thing to do – so here you go:
here is the rules for this game:
*  you must write our your own answers so your readers can see your actual handwriting.
the questions:
1. what's your name and blogger name?
2. what's your blog's URL?
3. Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag bloggers to participate.
this was fun – i encourage you all to play along!
have a fantastic hump day!

happy happy bday–daddy

it’s my dads birthday today & i wish him all the best for this year!
have a fantastic day with the family today & know i MISS & LOVE you LOADS & LOADS!
i’m sad that i can’t be there…
photo’s taken at my wedding. {via:  Janine & Hannalee}

thursday sky-ness

i couldn’t believe this morning when i took a photo of the london sky, that it is thursday ALREADY!  wow this week went past WAY to quick!11.03.03 Thursday Sky-nessit’s very grey here today.  at least it’s not raining (been raining for the last 4 days).  we were promised a bit of sunshine today, but no sign of that yet…

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