weekend recap

Monday, November 01, 2010

on friday evening (after work, naturally) we went to see the latest (and last – or so they said) saw 7.  it only came out in 3D.  i absolutely LOVED it.  they explained all the movies (things you’ve noticed and waited for an explanation AND also things you didn’t really notice).  don’t expect to see oscar (or even great acting) performances; it’s just back to saw greatness with gore, guts & good old eeeewwwwww’s.
saturday we spent our morning waiting for builders at the house & then went to the lovely covent garden.
10.10.30 Covent Garden_building
the christmas decorations
10.10.30 Covent Garden_decor10.10.30 Covent Garden_decor1
a silver street performer.  he is VERY famous in convent garden & has been here since i can remember.  there are always a HUGE crowd of people around him
10.10.30 Covent Garden10.10.30 Covent Garden_performers110.10.30 Covent Garden_performers
moomin!!! do i need to say more (i use to LOVE it)10.10.30 Covent Garden_handbags
few pictures of covent garden.10.10.30 Covent Garden_old lights10.10.30 Covent Garden_shop
my sexy husband to be, relaxing in a coffee shop10.10.30 Covent Garden_wayne
sunday we met up with family & friends for a wonderful brunch.
hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
enjoy MONDAY & the rest of the week!

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  1. Love the photo's and I miss you so much!! Sounds like a fun, not-too-busy weekend... :) love you!


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