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Thursday, September 23, 2010

this was my day yesterday:

6.30am the alarm goes off; I snooze the alarm
6.50am I eventually get up
7.05am tell wayne that he needs to get out of bed, otherwise he WILL be late
7.20am wayne leaves (run should I actually say) to get on the train
7.25am I leave the house, to catch my train (first a train then a tube)
8.25am I get to work
5.30pm end of my work day BUT I NEVER leave work before 5.45pm
5.45pm leave the office & walk (very fast) to the tube station
6.55pm walk into our house
7.00pm do some washing
7.15pm  do some exercise
7.45pm wayne gets home & i start with dinner
8.15pm  dinner time
8.30pm  i go for a shower (while wayne relaxes)
9.00pm  i tidy up the kitchen
9.15pm  we work on the invites
11.00pm  time to go to bed
11.30pm  EVENTUALLY climb into bed & watch an episode of Two & a Half Men on laptop
12.30pm SLEEP

we are working REALLY hard on the invitations because they HAVE to be posted by the beginning of October. 
today’s photo is the BEST photo of my little niece Katinka; that is standing on our fireplace.  every time we sit in the lounge wayne will say to me the following:  “Steph, Tinkie is staring at me.  that photo of her is like the Mona Lisa – the eyes follow you EVERYWHERE.” this happens EVERY NIGHT we go to sit in the lounge.  i LOVE that photo with her drool all over her chin & mouth, a big grin & BIG eyes.

10.09.22 Tinks picture3
{photo taken with iphone}

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  1. aw, she is beautiful! :) and I bet she's missing you so much!!


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