SA trip; wedding date; spring; more rain & snow; to name a few

Thursday, April 01, 2010

i've been really really lazy with the blog and i always feel that i can think of loads of other things to do before updating the blog 

SO here goes...

we are back in the UK & had a WONDERFUL time in SA.  it was WAY too short but at least we got the venue and date all sorted.

drum roll please... 
the wedding will be on the 10th January 2011 & will take place at Kleinkaap in Pretoria.  go and have a look at the photos on their website, it is so pretty there and the photos on their website don't do it justice.  now all i need to do is to make the save the dates & get them out to all the family & friends that need to organise things

spring is finally here (or suppose to be here) because it feels like winter again with rain & even snow (can you believe it!).

like i said the weather isn't great at ALL, it is kind of horrible...

it is also time for my favourite flowers...daffodils

like i said the trip to SA was so short & busy that i actually forgot i was on holiday.  as always, it was FANTASTIC to see my family & spend some quality time with them.  wayne's family came to visit my parents & it was so much fun.  

easter weekend is around the corner, we are off to bournemouth for the weekend.  i cant wait.  just the 2 of us in a sea-side town for almost 4 days... it's gonna be GOOD!! ;)

karlien this is for you... saw this in a shop window here in london & it made me miss you EVEN MORE!!  (meraai....)

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