our weekend in the cold

Sunday, December 13, 2009

i started my saturday with baking chocolate muffins for breakfast & then we went to covent garden to listen to the carollers in trafalgar square & look at all the christmas lights.
we had gingerbread latte's & cupcakes.
today wayne had to work so i decided to bake some vanilla cupcakes with coffee butter icing.  i was testing to see what i will be baking for christmas this year.  we will be spending christmas with willie in greenwich.  going to be so much fun.
hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend & having a GREAT week!!!


wayne with the cap karlien gave him; doesn't he look cool & warm; even if he thinks he looks like a 'numpty'


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  1. oooooeee, yummy yummy cupcakes... :) tell wayne I say he looks nothing like a numpty... :)
    love you sis!


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