just a quick one...

i know it's almost been a month since i got this shiny rock on my finger, but i still feel like monica (from friends when she got engaged).  i want to scream it from the 'balcony':  I'M ENGAGED! I'M ENGAGED!!  i'm still surprised sometimes when i catch a glimpse of the 'rock' and i STILL can't believe that i am THIS lucky! i am going to spend the rest of my life with the man that i love & the man of my dreams.
all this is doing is that i'm getting MORE & MORE excited about getting married & planning the wedding. BUT first i need to get my exams over and done with!

in other news then...
the trees are finally loosing their leaves
it's also completely dark now when i walk home

hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC week so far!

gotta get back to studying now.....


Weekend baby!!

Except for w working on sunday & me studying we have a few things planned for this weekend: we have to go to the juweler to pick up my certificate for my AWESOME ring, go to the post office, we have dinner plans with some friends and spend some quality time together. I think we need just ONE extra day to fit all this in.

I can't believe that its almost end of october. Were has the year gone? In less than 3 weeks I'm writing my first exam. Just feels so unreal.

Here's a few photos of london at night.

Have fun this weekend!!

winter is here...

the sky is grey (most of the time),
no sun,

no leaves on the trees,

dark at 6:30pm (taken tonight on my way home)
AND this sunday the clocks will go back one hour (daylight savings time) &
we will then be 2 hours behind SA.

we are back!!!

hi all,  WE ARE BACK from a fantastic holiday in tunisia (north africa)!!  we had such a lovely & relaxing time and of course the highlight of our trip was on saturday (3rd october) when boyfriend became FIANCEE!!! i still can't believe that i'm now ENGAGED!!! i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring!
i will put pictures on here as i download & resize them.  but firstly i will add a couple of photos of my huge 'rock'!!
on the night i was only told to dress up & 'make myself pretty' because we are going to watch & take photos on the beach of the full moon.  shame wayne looks kind of stressed in this photo (above).
we went down to the beach, i took photos of the moon AND asked ALOT of questions (like why are we here in the dark AND the only people on the beach AND why is he wearing a jacket in 28 degrees weather) AND then wayne asked me THE question & my beautiful ring:

on the size of my smile (in pictures above) you can just SEE how HAPPY and OVER the moon i am.  even wayne looks more relaxed!!
{click on images to enlarge them}
{and--wayne designed and picked out this ring all on his own. i must say, he knows me really well! and even though we'd been talking about marriage for a few months and had maybe been ring shopping a few times, i was SHOCKED, SURPRISED and NOT EXPECTING it so soon. good job, waynee. i love you.}

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