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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

how 'fancy' does this sound: we went to paris for 1 day?  
i got the tickets (with the eurostar) to go to paris in march and we decided that we have been to paris before so 1 day will be enough to see a few things and be back in london without having to sleep over.  and what a trip!!
the train journey (with eurostar) only takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes. 
pictures above: 
the inside of st pancras international - where we got the eurostar; wayne relaxing with his hot chocolate & waiting for the train; wayne giving me has 'angry' look - after i asked him for yet another photo; paris underground trains (metro) - we thought london's trains are a lot better, paris ones was stinky and full of graphiti; AND the last photo is the departures board at paris train station.
our first stop in paris was the eiffel tower - we've never been up there and took advantage of the fact that it wasn't raining.  we stood in the queue for over an hour but when you got to the top it was all worth while.
pictures above:
the eiffel tower; wayne playing hide & seek; the 2 of us (with almost a view); palais de chaillot; arc de triomphe; sacre-cour church; buildings of paris; wayne eating his yoghurt (still standing in queue); construction of the eiffel tower
after climbing the stairs at eiffel tower, we decided to walk all the way to cathedrale notre dame de paris, this is a few of the pictures i took on our way to notre dame.
pictures above:
saint micheal fountain; about 5 donkeys staring at the pole which they are tied to (was very funny, they don't move & just look at the pole the whole time); a petrol pump (in the street); les invalides (where napoleon's tomb is); a huge door knocker; paris station signs (metro); a building's doors; louvre (where the mona lisa is); louvre from the side with its statues.
the last place we went to see was cathedrale notre dame de paris (notre dame means 'our lady' in french - so actually the church of our lady).  the book hunchback of notre dame was written in 1831 to raise awareness & money to restore the church (they wanted to tear it down).  the cathedral was restored in 1845. 
the girl statue in the bottom (right) is of joan of arc. 

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