little date with daddy

we try (if wayne's work permit) that riley go on a special day out with daddy about once a month.  saturday wayne took riley to a soft play area and lunch in kingston.

riley had such a wonderful time that he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore by 4pm and he had a quick power nap (that we struggle to wake him up from).

i know he can't wait for the next little 'date' with daddy.

london aquarium

a couple of weeks ago we went to the london aquarium and it was an awesome day out!

we went years ago and was a bit disappointed but apparently they had a refurbishment a few months ago and now it was so much better, & the best thing was that Riley LOVED it!

the london eye at sunset.

mr riley at the entrance of the aquarium & walking with his dad

little man on the train and for some reason there was a wax Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in the ticket hall of the aquarium.

 the crocodile was the little man's favourite and i think we sat outside his tank for more than half an hour

 what we loved about the aquarium was that everything was so perfectly done; with statues and clever decorations in the tanks and also the seating space they had on the front of every tank.  perfect for little ones.

 what you can't see in the photos is that there is actually a light right on top of the turtles.  the top turtle really wanted to be close to the heat of that light.  it was so funny and riley was still telling us about this days later.

 the sand eels was so adorable and i still think the seahorses are a bit creepy.

 such a beautiful view!

we had a great time at the aquarium and we will definitely go back again, it is highly recommended!

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