little note to our little man

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

on sunday you turned TWO.

i dreamed of your birth the other night and woke up feeling that you are still sleeping between us, like the first two weeks of your life.
you're growing so fast and we cannot escape the time that's passed.
two years ago, our hearts burst so wide, changing our lives forever.  when i look at you , i can still feel your kicks, turns and elbows in my ribs; i can hear your first little cry at birth; your firsts; your smiles and coos and crawls and steps; we are watching you grow before our eyes, and can only imagine what's to come.  sometimes i believe you grow centimeters overnight.  i love your messes (most of the time); your focus; your eagerness to learn new things and do new things; your fearlessness; your personality and great sense of humor; the way you tap the person who is holding you on the back when you are in their arms; the kisses and hugs you eagerly gives us; the love for us i can see in your eyes and i love all the things in between.

i love you more than you'll know and i promise to continue to wrap you with love and kisses as you grow.  you are the sunshine in our lives and we are so thankful and grateful to call you our little mister.
have a great year, my boy!  we can't wait to experience more firsts, more hugs and kisses.  WE LOVE YOU!!

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