happy 22 month-a-versary

to my babbling, curious george loving little mister. we can’t believe that we are so blessed to have you in our lives! you fill our days with so much joy and happiness!!

we love you!! xxx mamma & dad xxx

playing in sand

last week we took a bus to putney to go and walk around in bishop's park.  this is such a pretty and very old park (opened in 1893).  the park has the best kids area, that includes:  a huge sandpit, water play areas, toddler playground and even play area & ramps for skateboards & scooters.  riley had such a great time and even when the rain started, he didn't want to leave.

this little man is a bit funny with things on his hands and feet, so he was cleaning his feet and hands when he got into the sandpit.  luckily he gave up after about 10min.  wonder how he will be at the beach...
this is the lake and huge sandpit.
i love this little face.
he had an amazing time (there was sand everywhere).
he loved watching his dad and got super excited when the sandcastles came out 
we didn't know that the sandpit was ready to be played in, so we didn't bring any buckets or sand toys.  that's why he is playing with one of his drinking glasses.  

after a picnic lunch & riley fell asleep, we walked through wandsworth park to get the bus home.  wandsworh park was so pretty and green, can't wait for warmer weather to go and walk through there again.
we had a great day and all i can say is:  come on summer!!!


this little man's first (upper, left) canine popped through.  this tooth has been given him so much trouble and making him feel so terrible.  the only things that worked was chewing on some cold fruit and yoghurt lollies.

i really hope the other 3 canines will be a lot easier and won't take like 2 weeks to come through.

that face is just too adorable and cute {oh my but he looks naughty in this photo}.

having fun in the park

our easter long weekend was a lovely relaxing weekend spend together as a family.  we spend friday at home with the owners of our house, fixing a few things before the temperature warms up. it is still cold and windy here so decided to take riley to the play park in wandsworth on saturday.  he LOVES it! he had so much fun that there was loads of tears when it was time to go home.

how cute is his little toddler body

riley can't wait to go back and have some more fun!

easter sunday

happy Easter (for yesterday)! hope you had a beautiful Easter sunday (resurrection day) with the people you love.  here are a few photos from our rainy day together:

since it was raining most of the day (and this little man wasn't feeling too great) we had the easter egg hunt indoors on sunday morning.  riley found the plastic eggs in record time and couldn't wait to eat all his little treats.  he ate the watermelon, pomegranate and the oreo biscuit before breakfast. 

after breakfast & before riley's nap we went for a walk in the area (actually just down our road because walking with riley is a slow process).  riley had a great time running in the rain, stepping & playing in all the water puddles and pointing out all the plants and beautiful flowers.  

happy Easter!!

my little man's DIY teepee

this was probably the biggest diy i've ever tried to make and also the one that i'm the proudest of.

for the frame of the teepee i used abeautifulmess's idea but the material (cover) i made this on the picture i had in my mind.

i've never worked with such big pieces of material before and my poor little sewing machine has never worked so hard in his life before, it's a wonder he is still alive and working after this.  i had so much fun making this and i was surprised that it was so easy, i thought i was going to struggle.  now all i need to make for his teepee is a bunch of pillows in different sizes.

the main thing is that riley LOVES it and is constantly sitting in there playing, reading or even snacking.  

spring in london, according to my iphone

this little man loves LOVES playing outside. as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning, his first words (baby sign actually) are to go outside.  i've told him that he isn't allowed to go outside without a hat (still a bit of a nip in the air) and shoes on his feet, so he asks for hat and shoes and he can even open the front door by himself (so for that reason, the door is now always locked).

in this photo, he came to show me the earthworm he found in the garden.  his not even scared to pick them up and digs around the garden for them the whole time.  such a little boy...

this little man is also getting so attached to his dad, so wonderful to see the awesome relationship they have.

we are loving the spring weather over here, it is still a bit chilly with the wind but it is so beautiful here at the moment.  warmer weather is so great!

have a great weekend!!! xxx

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