the best of 2013: September until December 2013

Monday, January 06, 2014

now for post THREE - and the last one.

in these 4 months we:  went to a wedding; he was the life of the party; riley took his first steps; he had a tummy bug (this was horrible) and had like 5 baths a day;  went for walks around the neighbourhood; wore a load of hats; went pumpkin picking and carving; halloween; dressed as a pumpkin; went to a birthday party; played in soft play area for first time; got a liking for pretzels; got up close to an owl; visited some more museums; went to a fireworks display; went to a theatre show (phantom of the opera); riley played with a pram; it got cold; worked on a baby shower; picked and decorated a christmas tree and celebrated christmas as a family.


i am so ready to make more memories in 2014! xxx

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