homemade christmas presents

i'm so behind in my posts... but here goes...

for christmas presents last year i decided that i will only make presents.  i had so much fun making all the presents and i was so lucky that i could send my families presents to them since we couldn't get home ourselves.

here are a few of the things i made:

for the men, i made coasters (superman, batman, tube map & a map of the UK):

for the women, i made heart oven gloves:

for my pregnant sister, i made the cloud baby mobile; the cloud toy & the baby bag:

and the grandmothers, i made a tissue holder (pocket):

i also made the little reindeer gift tags:

for my sister, janine, i made this cute little fox bag (the same way i made this bag)

i LOVED doing this and can't wait to make more presents like these.


3 years today at kleinkaap in south africa, wayne and me got married.  i can't believe 3 years have gone by!  it's just crazy! being married to my best friend and being able to share everyday and every part of my life with him is truly a blessing that i am thankful for everyday.  i love every part of who he is (even all the times that he makes me mad) and i know that he will be there to support me in whatever endeavour or obstacle i come across and i hope he knows that i am so proud of the kind, caring and hard working man that he is.  he is the most wonderful husband, father and friend i can ask for!

i love you! praying for a million more years as wonderful and loving as these past 3 years have been.  xxx

{see rest of our wedding photos here}

the best of 2013: September until December 2013

now for post THREE - and the last one.

in these 4 months we:  went to a wedding; he was the life of the party; riley took his first steps; he had a tummy bug (this was horrible) and had like 5 baths a day;  went for walks around the neighbourhood; wore a load of hats; went pumpkin picking and carving; halloween; dressed as a pumpkin; went to a birthday party; played in soft play area for first time; got a liking for pretzels; got up close to an owl; visited some more museums; went to a fireworks display; went to a theatre show (phantom of the opera); riley played with a pram; it got cold; worked on a baby shower; picked and decorated a christmas tree and celebrated christmas as a family.


i am so ready to make more memories in 2014! xxx

the best of 2013: May until August 2013

now for post TWO.  here are all the lovely photos of May, June, July & August.

these 4 months we celebrated riley's first birthday, Janine came to visit; had a great summer; started swimming lessons in the UK; went down a slide and on a swing for the first time; got more teeth; stand on his own; then took his first steps; walking like a pro; eating by himself; had his first milkshake, first ice lollie, first merry-go-round; went to windsor, chiswick house, loads of museums (to name a few); celebrated our birthdays; visited a few graveyards and spend some time with friends.

we had a great summer (4 months)!

the best of 2013: January to April 2013

Happy 2014!!!

we had such a full, busy and great 2013!  going through all the photos of the year just made me realise how beautiful and full of blessings our life is.  it has been so much fun looking back on all of our memories and seeing how Riley has grown over the last year.

we kicked of the year with riley & i spending the first 3 months in SA; we came back to a cold london; went to a few places, spaces and touristy stuff when Janine got here; my sister Janine visit us for about 6 months; had riley's first birthday; went to a wedding; riley took his first steps; went to view some fireworks and spent christmas just the 3 of us.  all in all it was a fantastic year!

bring on 2014! we are going to kick your ass!

i couldn't pick only a few photos a month so i decided to make it into a little clip for every month (most of them are about 15 sec long).  and i've also split it up into 3 posts for the next 3 days.  here is january until april 2013:

tomorrow i will post may until august 2013.

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