birthday party fun

last weekend we went to a little man's 2nd birthday party.  we all had so much fun, great food and a wonderful time with friends.

riley couldn't get enough of the bouncy castle, drum set and running around with little friends.

thank you again, we had a fantastic time! xxx

riley's fun day out

last week riley went to bocketts farm and he had the greatest day ever! 

he was feeding the animals,

petting the animals,

playing on the tractors,

having fun and some more playing, 

even watching pig races (love the pig names).

he had such an awesome day, that all the way home and at home (even during bedtime & pray time) he kept on telling me about all the animals he touched and fed.

thank you louise (& nathan & tristan too) for taking him to the farm and making his day!!

{this last photo is just the best thing i've ever seen!!}

our neighbourhood

we love walking around our neighbourhood.  riley can't wait for our little walk after dinner, and runs to the door to grab his hat, backpack & shoes (and sometimes even his umbrella).  he refuses to leave the house without these things.

 this awesome photo of wayne was taken by riley on one of our walks.

 lovely huge houses

 this was taken in 'bushy park', right next to a kiddies play area.
 i am so sad that autumn is now here, summer was over just way too quickly for me.

 my silly little boy

 daddy & riley on a visit to the hampton palace grounds while mommy is at work

 we found some pumpkins in someone's garden, they planted them for the kids to decorate for halloween.  riley couldn't get enough and can't wait to go and play 'knock-knock' on the pumpkin (pumpa)

 walking around with uncle Sam (sass)

 he found slugs, snails and ants in the gardens and keep on calling them to come out (slugs, we er are ya).  i just love that little face when he finds one (pure excitement).

 taking a walk in all the things he chose to wear.  that includes the jacket, wellie boots, very warm hat and umbrella (even if it wasn't raining and actually a nice and warm day).

our last few days…

it’s with tears in our eyes that we say goodbye to our house (of the last 4 years) and move into a new area in Surrey.  we will always think fondly of this house that provided us with so many memories, see this post.

2014-06-14 House2_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House3_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House4_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House5_LinksRoad2014-06-14 House6_LinksRoad

not too sure about internet yet, so probably no blog posts for awhile.  and i’m also going to be overloaded with boxes, adjusting to the new area and looking for new places to take little mister.

missing family

last year this time my sister janine was here, and i miss her so much.  i think i tell her this about every single day.  except for the fact that she could have helped us with this move, i miss all the places we went to see.  it made me realise how much more fun the summer here in london is if you can go to all these places.  it’s not always the best thing to do it on your own (with a little one).

i had a look at some of the things we did last year this time, like:  going to richmond for wayne’s birthday; going to the natural history museum & butterfly exhibition; going to st. dunstan in the east and southbank, to name a few things.  these photos also shows me just how big a little boy riley has become.

luckily for us, my other sister karlien and her little one katinka is coming here in october – oooh i’m so excited and can’t wait anymore.

enough about missing family and feeling sad because i don’t see them very often.  here is some photos of riley to cheer me up.

July6_CollageJuly11_CollageJuly15_Collagehe loves reading!! he will read just about anything and anywhere (and with or without clothes too).  i love the photo where he sits in his bumbo (and yes he still fits in it, quite easily i may add).

a few more of my little man:July9_CollageJuly10_CollageJuly12_CollageJuly14_Collage

have a great weekend all!

think about us when you are all relaxing on the sofa with a drink in the hand, because we will be knee (arms, legs) deep in boxes.

our life according to my phone

we’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks with packing (for our move in a few days) & with enjoying the outside since the weather is absolutely gorgeous. 

2014-07-02 12.17.23every day with this little man is an experience; like this day when he wanted to walk around with an umbrella the whole day (don’t forget the faded dinosaur tattoo on his arm & sunglasses) and he even watched curious george from under the umbrella.  it was so funny and that face…

July1_CollageJuly2_Collageplaying in the pool (with or without clothes) and eating cold fruit is a must.

July3_Collageeating ice cream and being silly while you doing it, is also a must in this hot summers weather.

July5_Collagehaving lunch, taking selfies & pulling faces with mommy is the way to go.

July7_Collagefor Super Sunday (CRC) we went to the O2 – what a ‘Super’ day

July8_Collagewe’ve had some beautiful clear skies these last few days, oh man, i love summer.

July13_Collagewayne’s birthday cake (not too sure why the icing turned out this lovely shade of pink, i did add almost the whole bottle of red colouring). and that little ‘teeth baring’ face, is the one i got when i asked him to smile for a photo.

July4_Collageall this sun and activities are such hard work for a growing 2 year old, so occasionally falling asleep on the go is the best thing to do.

July16_CollageJuly17_Collageand lastly, these are the cutest nieces that anyone can ask for. 

i miss you guys!!

have a wonderful humpday!

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