happy first birthday, Riley

i don't know how this year flew by so quickly.  i remember riley's birth like it was yesterday! yet i can't even picture our lives without him in it.  i nursed riley last night crying the entire time.  i don't want him to grow up, i don't feel ready yet for him to grow up!

my dearest mister riley, it has been the greatest privilege to be called your mother and i still look at you and think how lucky i am!
i am thankful to be by your side.  thankful that you are such a happy baby.  and thankful that you always make your mamma & dadda's day a happy one!

we love you with all of our heart!! happy birthday, mister riley!!

latest photos on my phone

our first sunny (warmish) day was on sunday after a rainy, wet and windy week.  we didn't do that much this weekend since the little mister (& him mommy) had a flu.  Luckily we are over the worst now that the sun was out today.

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