riley the little eater

Thursday, April 04, 2013

i am so very lucky that riley has (so far) no issues with food.  he is actually very easy with any types of food i give him.

i've started giving him weetabix for breakfast (i mix it with banana or dried apricots and a little bit of milk) and he loves it.  he doesn't like the baby cereal in this country - and it's too expensive to go and buy the SA cereal at the south african shop.  and weetabix is a great substitute because it doesn't have any added sugars or other nasty things added to it.  and it's a lot cheaper than baby cereal.

i bought Annabel Karmel's recipe book for babies, and the recipe's are easy to make and so far riley has loved every meal i made him.

this little man is also now drinking 'rooibos tea' (redbush tea) in the mornings - black with no sugar.  and he loves this as much as his water that he drinks during the day.

lets hope he will stay like this when he gets older.

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