our little photoshoot in SA

Friday, April 12, 2013

when we were in south africa, we went for a little family photoshoot (at the end of november).  when i see these photos, i don't think about my dad complaining that he doesn't like his photo being taken or that wayne couldn't be there. but i think about the first time riley sat on his own.  it was such a surprise to us all.  we were just telling the photographer that we should put pillows and things behind riley since he couldn't sit, when she showed us that he is actually sitting all by himself.  now he is crawling, eating (everything i give him), standing up against everything and still putting everything he can pick up, in his mouth.  my little boy is getting so big!

have a fantastic weekend!  we are planning to spend most of saturday outside since the weather people all promised us around 20 degrees weather.  (let's hope!!)

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