series: 10 months

oh my word, my little man is 10 months old!! 10 months old - i just can't believe it! (and i think i say this every month).

this little dude started (on sunday) to say 'dad'.  we thought it was a once of or by accident when he started on sunday but he keeps on saying it now, especially when he is looking for his dad or 'talking' to him.
he is also such a busy little boy and standing up against everything and walking up against the sofa.
he still loves his food especially finger foods at the moment.  one of his favourite snacks is droewors (south african dried sausage) and if he could he would eat this every day.
he loves the children and the attention at church.
he has two bottom teeth now.  he is still drooling a lot - so i think the top ones aren't to far off.
he still loves the outside - so hopefully we will get a great summer this year.
he went with his daddy to a park the other day - and he loved the swings!
he is also going to a music playgroup every week.  for the 30 mins class period - he never stops smiling, that's how much he loves it.
i think he misses the family in south africa - since he can't get enough of the little photo album i made him with photos of the family.
sleeping - let's just say that he has his good days and his bad days.
he loves his turtle playing pool - which has plastic balls in them at the moment.  he climbs in there hundreds of times during the day.  he throughs all the balls out of the pool and then crawls after them.  we are finding balls everywhere.
he loves copying his dad - if his dad lies on the carpet - riley will do the same.  he also copies noises that we make.

oh man, i just love this little man.  i love:  his personality, his friendliness, his big blue eyes, his curiosity, that he is such a charmer, that he makes friends very easily, his mischievous little grin when he knows that he is doing something naughty, his ability to just accept and go with everything his mom and dad drags him to and that he is such a happy and content baby!

latest photos on my phone

this little man LOVES looking at the trains through his room window.
he LOVES reading his books and look super cool (and cute) in his teething beads.
this is how i found him sleeping the other morning. and he loves his new bath boat he got from his uncle and aunty (Clinton & Tammy).
he still LOVES his food that his mommy is making him.
on sunday he loved wandering around the city without a blanket.  and he looked cool (again) in a kiss cap, he actually looked just like his daddy.
on tuesday he had his first playgroup.  it was a play, music and active group - he had so much fun!

lunch with family & first bday party

after church on sunday we had a wonderful lunch with wayne's cousins.  they got to meet mr r and he is such a little charmer (just look at these photos).

the little mister also had his first birthday party on saturday with his very first yoghurt ice cream - and he LOVED it!  he had such a fun day with all the kids, and if he could talk - i think he will ask for yoghurt ice cream every single day.  

this poor little pumpkin was so tired after the party that he slept all the way home and for another hour after we got home.

our little photoshoot in SA

when we were in south africa, we went for a little family photoshoot (at the end of november).  when i see these photos, i don't think about my dad complaining that he doesn't like his photo being taken or that wayne couldn't be there. but i think about the first time riley sat on his own.  it was such a surprise to us all.  we were just telling the photographer that we should put pillows and things behind riley since he couldn't sit, when she showed us that he is actually sitting all by himself.  now he is crawling, eating (everything i give him), standing up against everything and still putting everything he can pick up, in his mouth.  my little boy is getting so big!

have a fantastic weekend!  we are planning to spend most of saturday outside since the weather people all promised us around 20 degrees weather.  (let's hope!!)

series: 8 months

i know i am VERY VERY late with this... he was 8 months on 29th Feb 2013. here you go:
these photos make me laugh, because i remember how difficult it was to take these.  katinka (riley's niece) would not allow me to take just photos of riley.  i struggled my ass of, and that is why there is photos of katinka AND riley for his 8 month-aversary.

ducky's food

as per my previous post, i am making all of riley's food for him and so far he is loving it.  i was a bit sceptical about giving him the above meal - Popeye's pasta stars - because the main ingredient is spinach.  but he really loved this! 

he is taking us by total surprise by eating everything i give him.  the only thing he has an issue with, at the moment, is orange juice.  but i don't mind that at all, because he drinks enough water and tea during the day.

have a great weekend!!

{photo taken on 1 Jan 2013 - in south africa}

riley the little eater

i am so very lucky that riley has (so far) no issues with food.  he is actually very easy with any types of food i give him.

i've started giving him weetabix for breakfast (i mix it with banana or dried apricots and a little bit of milk) and he loves it.  he doesn't like the baby cereal in this country - and it's too expensive to go and buy the SA cereal at the south african shop.  and weetabix is a great substitute because it doesn't have any added sugars or other nasty things added to it.  and it's a lot cheaper than baby cereal.

i bought Annabel Karmel's recipe book for babies, and the recipe's are easy to make and so far riley has loved every meal i made him.

this little man is also now drinking 'rooibos tea' (redbush tea) in the mornings - black with no sugar.  and he loves this as much as his water that he drinks during the day.

lets hope he will stay like this when he gets older.

being a mommy

wayne looked after riley this morning (i had to go for blood tests) and he did such an amazing job - he always tells me that he would love to look after riley but he is a bit scared and not sure if he can do it on his own.  and i think he did amazingly well!

i love this little man to death but think that sometimes i need to do something on my own, even if it is for just 2 hours.  i missed him terribly for those two hours and it felt so strange to be without him, but i seriously needed it.  (and it was so GREAT to see his face lit up when he saw me again. and he rewarded me with the biggest smile and loads of kisses).

this made me realise that i do need some alone time, now and again.  it's hard work being this little man's mommy, but it's also the most rewarding and special calling in life.  even when i have to hold riley as i make food or even when i pee because he doesn't want to let go, i so love every second of it.

have a fantastic 'hump day'!

{photo taken in south africa - 7 March 2013}

Riley's first Easter

our easter sunday (resurrection day) was started with a fantastic church service and then a lunch with friends.
after lunch we had a little easter egg hunt for riley (in his room - way too cold outside).  his eggs were plastic eggs with his favourite snacks in - he currently loves his rice cakes, vegetable puffs and fruit like strawberries and blueberries.  
we then ended the day (for riley) by reading his easter book (velveteen rabbit) and playing with his new toys.  
we had such a wonderful day!

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