10 weeks

Monday, September 10, 2012

i know he is only 10 weeks old, but to me he is already starting to look like a big boy, and that makes me so sad.  i am already missing his newborn look and feel.  i know riley was never the typical newborn baby because he looked older and more mature than the normal newborn look.  we could never take those cute newborn photos that everyone takes because riley was just never like that.  don't get me wrong, i can't wait to experience all the new little things he will do and say but it does make me sad to think that all the cute little things he did when he was a little newborn, he will never do again.  for example: the drunk milk look and he is also doing his double sigh (he does that when he is satisfied)  less than he use to.

but now he is more alert and awake than he use to.  you can see how he concentrates when he sees something new.  when he stares and all the people and things around him.  and when he notices that someone is looking at him - he gives them a big smile just so that they can see how cute he is.  the way he mimics our facial expressions (sticking his tongue out, making oooh & aaah noises).  talking to us.  smiling more and more everyday, especially when you pull funny faces or just tell him a little story.  he is even starting to laugh out loud.  i love it when he makes a little noise so that i look at him (he loves doing this when he wakes up after a nap and i'm not looking at him) and when i look at him, he gives me the biggest smile ever.  when i tell him something serious or try to explain to him when he did something that's not right (like turn his head when my nipple is still in his mouth) and he look at me and just smiles - like he just knows that i will forgive him anything when he gives me that sweet little smile. when it's time for bed & we tell him very seriously that it's time for bed and he should go to sleep and he looks up at us and smiles or tries to tell us why he thinks it will be better if he slept with us and not in his own bed.  when it's time for him to sleep & he turns his head and buries it in your chest so that he can fall asleep all snuggled up in your arms.  and when i'm trying to get him in a routine and he does everything the opposite of what he normally does & what i want him to do.
i love it now that he notices his hands and feet and try to put both little fists in his mouth (at the same time).  his aim is still a little off so it is so cute when he misses his mouth completely.

and luckily he still sleeps with his mouth open - i just love that.  and the cutest of all the things that he does is when he gets sad and he pulls that bottom lip of his and makes his face so sad that you have to do whatever he wants.

i just love that little boy of mine!! xxx

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  1. aaaww, he really is the cutest little boy...

    can't wait to meet him..

    love you always... xx

  2. Hi Stephanie!! I love your lovestories!!! Sooo lekker om te lees!!En gee m n traan in die oog!XXXx

  3. what a little poser
    what a beautiful face
    what a lovely little guy
    what a lovely face

    oh riley I love you



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