long weekend & high tea

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

we spend our rainy long weekend:

walking in the rain, looking at some pretty purple flowers; talking (via Skype) to the family back in SA.

going to the movies to see American Reunion & a quick nando’s dinner & ‘ducky’ on the tube.

we came into the city to use some of our vouchers at Selfridges and had a drink & lunch at a pub. 

i bought wayne a coffee machine (with the vouchers) for the looong sleepless nights ahead.

our first cup of coffee with the machine (mine was decaf).

on our way (from tooting broadway) to meet up with family for high tea at Hotel Sofitel London St James.  it was soooo good & got sooo spoilt!!

hope you all had a great weekend! xxx

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  1. Gorgeous photos, I'm jealous! Looks like a fun weekend... Lucky Wayne, for getting a coffee machine ;) miss you guys so much!

    love you always xx

  2. thanks for my awesome coffee machine stephanie... definately going to need a strong CUPPA to get through the long nights with ducks. The machine reminds me of something out of the Movie Wall E.

    Lunch with my family was awesome and our little one got some beautiful gifts again. Looking forward to some sunny weather in the next couple of weeks

    love you "Both"


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