our tourist weekend at the south bank

Monday, January 16, 2012

our friend Sam came to visit us for the weekend & on saturday we decided to go in to the city at the south bank & enjoy the wonderful touristy sights of london next to the thames.  

it is always wonderful to see how pretty london is & we had a perfect blue sky, sunny, but freezing day to see all the sights.

1.a very crooked house & door
2.london eye & a very old pier that is normally under water
3.the same old pier as above
4.very cute & old ice cream van
5.train bridge with graffiti 
6.big ben & westminster parliament buildings
7.the fish lampposts next to the thames
8.buildings across the thames (including the gherkin building)
9&10. sand furniture & the sign for collecting money
11.st Paul's Cathedral
12. Shakespeare's globe
13.after an exhausting day hot chocolate at starbucks is the best thing to relax sore feet.

have a great week!

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  1. wow! stunning photos! wish i was there!! i miss you so much! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend....
    love you always! xx


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