our last christmas & new year as just the TWO of us...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 had such a FANTASTIC start, with our wedding.  but we also had some hard & sad times during the year.  BUT all in all we had a great 2011 and LOVED our (almost) first year of being married!

here is a few highlights of the 2011:
January:  our wedding in south africa & honeymoon in mauritius

May:  our short holiday to venice
June:  spanish festivalrob in london & we went to the circus
December:  our christmas:

{our gifts}

now to come back to the heading of my post...  it's true (and is also the reason for my silence on here) ... next year we will be THREE instead of TWO in this little house!  here is a photo and a video of our little ducky! {this was taken at my 12 week scan}
and here is the video:

{ducky is due at the end of June 2012}

we wish you all a FANTASTIC 2012 & wish you all the best in this new year!

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  1. 2011 was truly a wonderful year with ups and downs, but all of us made it through! I'm so happy and excited for you both with the soon to be new addition to the family! I love both of you so much and already loving little ducky! can't wait to see you in March! have a stunning year, may all your dreams come true! xx

  2. Thanks nips
    That's very sweet of you

    We take every day as it comes... Boy this child is going to be so loved, can't wait for him/her to come now

    2011 had alot of great memories for us all, and that's what I want to remember

    We love and miss all our family and can't wait to see you in march
    Take care
    And I know Ducky will love you

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! Hope the pregnancy goes very smoothly - enjoy every second! :)


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