1 year anniversary & what we've been up to

Friday, January 13, 2012

i just can't believe that this happened 1 year ago! this year went past so quickly! it was probably one of the most exciting, sad & awesome years of my life! and to think i got to spend it all with this fantastic husband of mine.

for our anniversary we decided to rather save the money we would have used on a lovely holiday & use it for going home to SA at the end of the year.  so instead we went to watch a theatre production called Rock of Ages & we went out to Gaucho Restaurant for dinner. rock of ages was just brilliant!! they played only rock music (of cause), big hair & girls in skimpy clothes.  we had so much fun!  gaucho is a proper steak (Argentina) restaurant, with probably THE BEST steak in london.  it is a bit on the expensive side but perfect for a special occasion.  here is the photos i took (sorry for the quality but you are not allowed to take a camera in, so all photos was taken with my phone).  

 on our way to the theatre

sitting in the theatre

the stage

the decor on the side & the chandelier hanging in the theatre (and before you ask - yes that is underwear hanging from it, and also on the tower banner).

walking back to the train station:  there is still a few lights left from Christmas & wayne playing around.

and the latest photos on my phone:


1.  katinka at christmas & making her own pizza in a restaurant
2.  katinka being creative & her end result (thank you for the photos, my sus)
3.  the moon (on my way to work) & me at 15 weeks (our neighbours cat waiting outside the door for milk)
4.  drinking hot chocolate & an electric car charging in the street.

have a great weekend!!

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  1. cool photos! looks like you had a fantastic time! i can't believe that it's been one year already!! i miss you both so much and can't wait for your visit home! love you... always! xx


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