18 weeks

i'm 2 weeks away from half way through my pregnancy and i can't believe it!

in the photos you can just about see my tummy in the left photo & wayne felt a bit left out so he jumped in to have a photo of him too.  the bottom photos is wayne busy cleaning a few bricks to lift the foot end of the bed for me.

our weekend was a relaxing one for me, because wayne had to work most of saturday.  it was also freezing here! so we tried not to go out that much.

here is this weeks little list:

how far along? 18 weeks
maternity clothes?  still nothing
sleep?  still sore hips and i know i should go and buy a pregnancy pillow - but i will wait for the babyshow on the 25th Feb
best moment this week?  realising that i'm almost halfway & also not that long for us to go until our holiday to south africa.
miss anything?  mayo.  peppermint crisp chocolate (south african chocolate) but this is not because i can't have chocolate but because you can only get them in SA
movement? nothing yet
food cravings? nothing really
anything making you queasy or sick? still brushing my teeth.  
have you started to show yet? YES 
ducky's size?  14cm from head to bum
ducky's weight?  150g
interesting facts about ducky?  ducky can hear now in my tummy (so i'm driving wayne insane with playing music to ducky).  ducky can suck his/her thumb.  
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? super happy!
looking forward to?  can't wait to feel some movement of our little ducky

latest photos on my phone…

hubby the rocker.

the blue sky here in london this week.

my mom (with katinka) & my sister, Karlien (with katinka) on the phone with me.

and little noah sleeping. (soooo cute!!!)

we have a cold front here at the moment (that’s apparently going to last for the next 2 month) and there is a possibility of us getting some snow.

have a great weekend you all!!

17 weeks ALREADY!

 i am now 17 weeks pregnant and i actually feel pretty great!

so to keep my family up to date on how i feel, i've decided to compile a little list:

how far along? 17 weeks & 1 day
maternity clothes?  nothing really, just maternity underwear (bra's)
sleep?  i wake up a lot during the night of my hips being sore because i am trying to get my body use to sleeping ONLY on my sides.
best moment this week?  how good my lovely husband looks after me.
miss anything?  nothing really. oh wait... last week when we went to eat out (for our anniversary) i REALLY REALLY wanted a sip of wayne's don pedro drink.
movement? nothing yet
food cravings? nothing really
anything making you queasy or sick? brushing my teeth.  can't eat any cereal or even oats.  can't drink any tea.
have you started to show yet? YES and i'm very excited about it. i don't look just 'fat' anymore.
gender? finding out on the 24th Feb
ducky's size?  11cm from head to bum
ducky's weight?  140g
labour signs?  nope
belly button in or out?  in
wedding rings or or off? on
happy or moody? happy happy!
looking forward to?  can't wait to feel some movement of our little ducky

in other news (that i'm very sad about).  you remember the hulk (our christmas tree in above picture); it was time for us to put him outside so that he can get collected for recycling last night.  i was so sad to see him standing all alone outside in the cold.  (i think i need to stop naming them...)

have a great weekend everyone!!

our tourist weekend at the south bank

our friend Sam came to visit us for the weekend & on saturday we decided to go in to the city at the south bank & enjoy the wonderful touristy sights of london next to the thames.  

it is always wonderful to see how pretty london is & we had a perfect blue sky, sunny, but freezing day to see all the sights.

1.a very crooked house & door
2.london eye & a very old pier that is normally under water
3.the same old pier as above
4.very cute & old ice cream van
5.train bridge with graffiti 
6.big ben & westminster parliament buildings
7.the fish lampposts next to the thames
8.buildings across the thames (including the gherkin building)
9&10. sand furniture & the sign for collecting money
11.st Paul's Cathedral
12. Shakespeare's globe
13.after an exhausting day hot chocolate at starbucks is the best thing to relax sore feet.

have a great week!

1 year anniversary & what we've been up to

i just can't believe that this happened 1 year ago! this year went past so quickly! it was probably one of the most exciting, sad & awesome years of my life! and to think i got to spend it all with this fantastic husband of mine.
for our anniversary we decided to rather save the money we would have used on a lovely holiday & use it for going home to SA at the end of the year.  so instead we went to watch a theatre production called Rock of Ages & we went out to Gaucho Restaurant for dinner. rock of ages was just brilliant!! they played only rock music (of cause), big hair & girls in skimpy clothes.  we had so much fun!  gaucho is a proper steak (Argentina) restaurant, with probably THE BEST steak in london.  it is a bit on the expensive side but perfect for a special occasion.  here is the photos i took (sorry for the quality but you are not allowed to take a camera in, so all photos was taken with my phone).  

 on our way to the theatre

sitting in the theatre

the stage

the decor on the side & the chandelier hanging in the theatre (and before you ask - yes that is underwear hanging from it, and also on the tower banner).

walking back to the train station:  there is still a few lights left from Christmas & wayne playing around.

and the latest photos on my phone:


1.  katinka at christmas & making her own pizza in a restaurant
2.  katinka being creative & her end result (thank you for the photos, my sus)
3.  the moon (on my way to work) & me at 15 weeks (our neighbours cat waiting outside the door for milk)
4.  drinking hot chocolate & an electric car charging in the street.

have a great weekend!!

our last christmas & new year as just the TWO of us...

2011 had such a FANTASTIC start, with our wedding.  but we also had some hard & sad times during the year.  BUT all in all we had a great 2011 and LOVED our (almost) first year of being married!

here is a few highlights of the 2011:
January:  our wedding in south africa & honeymoon in mauritius

May:  our short holiday to venice
June:  spanish festivalrob in london & we went to the circus
December:  our christmas:

{our gifts}

now to come back to the heading of my post...  it's true (and is also the reason for my silence on here) ... next year we will be THREE instead of TWO in this little house!  here is a photo and a video of our little ducky! {this was taken at my 12 week scan}
and here is the video:

{ducky is due at the end of June 2012}

we wish you all a FANTASTIC 2012 & wish you all the best in this new year!

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