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Thursday, November 17, 2011

over the weekend we walked around in Chelsea (a RICH area in london).  we ate lunch at this cute pub.  LOVE the photo of wayne!! saw christmas decorations & christmas trees up everywhere (can’t believe it’s almost Christmas AND the end of 2011).

i saw a lovely sunsrise on my way in to work.  my hubby opening up our front door for me – after a VERY long day at work.

katinka & fred (the dog) & katinka on her way to her swimming class.  i LOVE getting these photos from my family back home. 

i hope everyone had a fantastic week so far. i am looking forward to this weekend! this week was way too long and exhausting for me!

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  1. love the photos! looks stunning! think my favourite is of wayne, and the one with the leaves on the ground :)
    i miss you both loads and can't wait for you to come and visit!

    love you always my sister! xx


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