happy 21st my little sis!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

i just want to say a VERY HAPPY birthday to my little sister, Janine on her 21st birthday!

oh my, i can't believe that you turned 21 today! it feels like just the other day that you embarrassed heleen by making cartwheels in the shopping centre!  i've always had so much fun with you and feel quite sad that i can't spend you special birthday with you today.

have a fantastic day my sis! i wish you all the happiness & good fortune for your future!

wayne & myself wish we could spend today with you but we will make up for it when we see you in 4 months time!

LOVE you always!! xx

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  1. thank you so much my lovely sister! I always miss you and will always love you tons and tons! :)


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