little gift i made

Thursday, September 29, 2011

pop on over to my sister, janine's blog & check out the little gift i made for her.

i LOVED making this for her & was surprised (and glad) that she got it in one piece - since the mailing system in SA isn't that great or even very reliable.

the weather here is FANTASTIC at the moment (i'm sad that i can't enjoy it, since i'm sitting in the office at work)! today is even warmer that any of the summer days we've had this year!!  hopefully it will stay like this until the weekend!

enjoy thursday!

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  1. Thanks again for my Weekly Blog Calendar! I love it so!!! :)

    Hope your weather stays as awesome as it is now, and that you will be able to enjoy the sunshine this weekend...

    love you so much!
    have a wonderful weekend!!


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