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Friday, September 30, 2011

it friday baby!!!

it is such a FANTASTIC day here in london, that it is a shame that i have to sit indoors.  london is having this freak heat wave (indian summer) at the moment with whopping temperatures of 29°for today.  hopefully it will last until after the weekend, so that we can fully enjoy the heat & sun (since we didn't get a chance to do it this summer).
in today's the times newspaper they had this (see below) old photo of 1895 when the temperatures was last this high for autumn.  also have a look here at the dailymail's article to see what london gets up to when we get a bit of heat & sun.

{i'm so glad i don't need to wear ALL that clothes in this heat}

this is the latest photo's on my phone:

1&2:  dinner with my friend willie
3:  lovely clouds; 4:  autumn is here
5:  wayne on the train; 6:  my dad sent me this one of katinka & sister janine

have a WONDERFUL friday & have LOADS of fun this weekend!!

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  1. cool post! i'm so glad we don't have to wear that many clothes anymore, that would've been horrible here in south africa with our extreme hot temperatures!

    love the photos...! and look! i'm there too!


    love you so much
    have a fantastic weekend!!


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