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Friday, August 05, 2011

i hope everyone is having a fantastic friday, so far.  i created a guest post over at my sister’s blog, Black Sheep about my favourite blog reads this week, go and have a look.

we went to watch Captain America last night, it was better than i expected, after reading all the bad reviews it got.  i liked Chris Evans as Captain America, he played the role really well.  i liked the fact that there was quite a few funny one liners in the movie (got everyone to giggle/chuckle).  i didn’t find the villain convincing but more cheesy than anything else.  and the ending was stupid, i know that the next movie, The Avengers, is out next year & they tried to probably bring that into the ending.  but it was just dumb with what Captain America said in the end (not going to say what he said, don’t want to spoil it for everybody).  i probably didn’t like the director, i think that was the problem.  with The Avengers, Josh Whedon will be directing this one – so i can’t wait to see it!

but anywoooo, here is my instagram photos for the week:

Have a fabulous friday & weekend!!

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  1. thanks for the guest post over at my blog my sis! love you always! and your hair looks super cute like that in the photos above... :)

    missing you so much!

  2. I agree about Captain america

    the movie is set way back during the world war, the villian was a bit stupid and the ending was rubbish but it was a great start to a super cool franchise.

    see ya later


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