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Monday, July 04, 2011

there are some new changes on Him & Her!  i am simplifying my layout and also making it look less cluttered. 

changes you may have noticed so far in the right column:  i’ve added links to the different social networks i’m using.

changes in the left side column:  you will find a link to knowing a little more about us; all our wedding photos; our family (still working on this one); a list of all the blogs i ♥; the books i ♥ (still working on this one – but you will find a link to my goodreads page); our travels (still under constructions) and then the quotes i ♥

we had such a lazy weekend & i LOVED it!  wayne’s been working really hard the last couple of weeks (it’s always like this in the summer) so we both needed to just mellow down & do NOTHING.  we did go and see Bridesmaids and we loved it! wayne was scared that it will be too girly & i was scared that the storyline will be the same as the hangover.  it definitely wasn’t just a chick flick – it was a bit too vulgar for that and the storyline wasn’t like the hangover at all – bridesmaids for me had a story & lesson behind all the vulgar and sexual frankness.

go over to janine’s blog to see my guest post for things i ♥ mondays.

have a fantaboulas week!

{taken in our back garden last week, when we had our BBQ/braai}.

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  1. love the photo of you, gorgeous!
    The changes to your blog looks amazing so far and thank you so very much for the guest post on my blog! :) love you always my lovely sis!

  2. a beautiful photo of you


    love you


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