hey, it’s ok…

…to really really love chalkboard walls
…on a tuesday to already put yourself in weekend mode
…to look (and feel) grumpy early in the mornings before your first cup of coffee
…to calorie-count at the supermarket and on your lunch break, but ignore the concept entirely in a restaurant
…if you still want jennifer aniston’s hair
…if the only thing keeping you from getting a dog is, frankly, bagging the poo
…to smile and nod, rather than saying ‘excuse me'?’ for a third time
…to like fruit after a meal but be clear that it’s not dessert.  cake is dessert.  kiwi’s are not
…to insist that his hair be shorter than yours
…to talk about the weather when all else fails.  it’s universal:  everyone cares
…to bury the price tag in the bin
…to despise a name because some girl/boy who you didn’t like way back when, had it
…to count housework as a gym session
…to feel quite impress with myself when i get a sms or email from some-one who is REALLY impress with the wedding invites.
10.10.28 Don't Dump10.10.28 Don't Dump_sign
{taken around the corner from work. thought it is so funny…}
have a FANTASTIC weekend you all!

our time wasting weekend

i will start my post of with an awesome photos (fine it would be awesome if i had a proper camera with me) of the sunrise this morning while i was waiting for my train.
10.10.26 Sunrise.i10.10.26 Sunrise
this weekend was mostly a time wasting exercise for me and w.  ONLY plus point was that i got a wedding band… and it should be ready in 4-6 weeks. 
we EVENTUALLY got wayne’s pocket watch engraved.  after running around (for 2 days) to find another one because the engraving company made a bit of a ‘cock-up’. 
10.10.24 W&new watch
wayne, kind of fed up, after eventually finding one in oxford street.
10.10.24 W&new watch.i
all smiles since he got his new watch and the engraving looks so cool!  was a VERY expensive mistake for the engraving company.
after waiting for tons of busses, trains & tube rides we made our way home after a long day… to see this…
10.10.24 Rainbow.i
a lovely rainbow. (it didn’t come out as colourful as it was with the iphone but at least you can still see it).
we had some coffee, wayne had a rocky road cupcake…
10.10.24 Coffee Heart
we stared at all the pretty ceiling of a building…
10.10.24 Roof of Mall.i10.10.24 Roof of Mall.ii
was shocked that the lights in oxford street is up (luckily still to be switched on)…
10.10.24 Sun&Building
and then it was monday and then tuesday again.  wow, i think weekends are WAY to short.
have fun this week!!

cold friday wishes

you know that winter is here when; london people go from friendly (a very tiny bit) to all the way MOODY; having to unpack your winter closet; everyone on the street has hat, scarves & warm jackets on; just wanting to eat warm food & drink warm drinks; walking past people’s houses and noticing the smoke coming out of the heating vents (this is an indication that their heating is on) AND that the sun is currently coming up at 7.31am in the morning & going down at 5.55pm (and this is before the daylight savings time change on 31st of this month – this is when the time changes with an hour).  from the 1st of november we will then be 2 hours behind the lovely people of SA.
Just to show you HOW cold it has been these last couple of day… this photo was taken of hyde park (park in london) yesterday morning.  and yes that is frost on the grass.
10.10.21 London Frost {photo via:  thisislondon}
every morning i walk from the station to my office, i always look at ALL the beautiful buildings around me.
this was a window that i saw this morning…
10.10.21 Old building10.10.21 Window   if you look closely you will notice that the window is frosted & has the company logo on it – the date on the building is:  1908.
last night (on my way home – and waiting for my train); i took this photo.  the door has been baffeling me for awhile now.  can’t really understand why it is there.  and there is NO stairs to it or indication of ever having stairs.  the only thing i can think of is that this train station building was split in 2 & that door was on the second floor… what do you think?
10.10.21 Door @ station.i
{all photos taken with my iphone).
wishing EVERYONE a wonderful weekend!!

sunny winter day in good old london

the winter is definitely here… today’s temperature is only 0 (for the minimum) and 7 for the maximum.  but you would never say that if you sit inside a warm building and look outside.  it looks sunny, with a blue blue sky and with no wind.
i took a few photos on my iphone…
10.10.20 Sunny morning
this was taken this morning when i was waiting for my train.
10.10.20 Building & blue sky   
a pretty building with a VERY blue sky
10.10.20 London buildings
more london buildings
10.10.20 Pretty building
just another pretty building
10.10.20 Street lamp
london streetlamp & the sun hiding behind it
10.10.20 Sun & trees
the sun coming through a tree
it’s time for coats & scarves & gloves & hats now that winter is here.  i actually LOVE winter clothes, they are all warm & cosy; it’s just that i don’t seem to warm up – i always joke and say that my thermostat doesn’t work.  the only way for me to get warm is to ‘steal’ heat from someone.  and that someone is most of the time wayne.  and let me tell you, he HATES it.
10.10.20 S & hat   
here i have a warm hat on to keep the cold away from my ears.  and since they say that you loose all your heat from your head.  i definitely want to keep the bit of heat i have in me. 
in wedding news:  all the invitations has gone out now.  i hope that everyone will get theirs (especially the SA people, since the post office over there has a BLACK HOLE where a big chunk of mail falls in).

it’s on their way…

just a little teaser to let you all know that the invites are in the mail & on their way…
10.10.15 invites
i hope you all have a fantastic FRIDAY!

wedding information blog

to make sure everyone gets all the information they need for our wedding (that is less than 3 months away) i created a blog with just information about our wedding.  you can find the blog here (click on the image below) OR i made a little widget (top right corner of this blog – image of an engagement ring) where you can click on from now on.


huge ring

a couple of weekends ago we walked past the de beers jewellery shop in new bond street and saw this HUGE pear shape diamond ring in the window.
10.10.03 Huge Ring_8ct
is’t HUGE right…
we decided to go in & have a look at the ring (just to find out how BIG & EXPENSIVE it is).  we were told that it is a 8ct platinum pear shape (flawless diamond).  and the price was a whopping £850 000 for the ring!!!! OH MY WORD!
i’m sure this what BOTH of our faces looked like:
10.10.12 WOW
almost a MILLION pounds for a ring.  the sales guy said that we are not the only people who came to ask the price for that ring (because it is so so big).  we even asked him if there will actually be ANYONE out there BRAVE enough to wear that on their finger (without running the risk of you loosing your had, so that it can be stolen of your finger).  the sales guy said that they had a princess cut ring for around the same size & it sold in a couple of days after they got it in the shop.  it was a very pretty ring (not as gorgeous as mine though) but i would NEVER want that big a ring – i will be too scared to wear it.

our engagement story ... {told through my eyes - wayne: husband to be}

where to start...
well,  last year around may / june time steph set off for sunny south africa to do a practical for her studies,  well so she says , I reckon it was more like a holiday.  So I pulled finger and decided that steph is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and took it upon myself to find a ring.
Trust me guys,  steph gave enough hints,  suggestions,  remarks you name it,  I even got given a ultimatum, but that's not the main reason I wanted to ask her to get married.

well I knew steph loved pear shaped diamonds so I went over to de beers in westfield and after various appointments and discussing the design of the ring, I finally put down a deposit and then i had to play the waiting game.  lets just say that as BIG as de beers are they are let me down, so after getting my deposit back I found a lovely family run business called swag.

steph during this time came back after her studies ( holiday) and I had to find excuses (little white lies) to tell her I was working late.  BUT i was actually meeting swag to design her ring for her.

well finally after a 6 months of stressful meetings,  the lies and the burden of hiding this ring in my sock drawer, we decided to go on holiday to Tunisia.  to make sure steph didn't find the ring, i told her that she was not allowed to look in my luggage as I had a dvd for her as a gift (anniversary gift).

well we all know steph... during the first couple of days on our holiday she was constantly saying: "so wayne,  where's this dvd you promised me",   for f&%$£@ sakes I felt like telling her to keep quiet because I had to find the right moment to ask her.

so on saturday evening the 3rd I told steph to dress up for dinner & then after dinner we will go for a walk on the beach since it was full moon.  after dinner i said to steph that i need to run up to the room to get my jacket just in case it is cold on the beach, but actually i had to go and get the ring.  upon my return she had the ordasity to ask me why am i wearing a jacket in this heat.  i can tell you now that i was sweating in the 25 degree weather with my jacket and smart clothes on. and to top it all off, every five minutes steph kept lagging behind (taking pictures of EVERYTHING), which really irritated me.

well finally after the one millionth picture...omg guys I wish I could describe it to you, its as if the universe knew what was about to happen...

the beach was totally deserted,  the full moon was shining over the ocean and left a beautiful shimmer over the tiny waves .

i said to steph that i just need to do something quickly...
steph quite oblivious to my nervousness... disappears  for 5 min to take some MORE photos

I came back and told her:  "do you trust me" & then told her to close her eyes and walk over to a spot,  and when we got there I told her to look at the floor and tell me what she thought... (i did have to explain it twice though)

she turned around and I written in the sand

will you marry me?

the rest, as you say:  is history

weekend re-cap

i got free tickets to go and see the designer wedding show in battersea park.  there you can see all the designer goodies for your wedding (and notice that you can’t afford ANYTHING) and then go out and find the cheaper version of that.
we were waiting for the fashion show to start (at the wedding show)
10.10.09 W&S @ designer wedding show
we walked around in around sloane square & chelsea and saw this pretty church
10.10.08 church
and walked around the little fresh food market (where wayne got himself his favourite snack:  biltong – south african beef jerky)
10.10.09 at the fresh food market in chelsea
10.10.09 w in chelsea the rest of the weekend wayne was working & i printed & created the map for the invitations.  now i only have to cut & assemble everything & wait for our gift registry place to send me the little cards that should go in our invitations.  i can’t wait for everyone to receive their invitation, a lot of HARD work & love went into making EVERY single invite.
i found these SUPER cute photos from wayne (on his phone).  he definitely didn’t loose the ‘i am very naughty’ face.
10.09.00 wayne as a little boy
this one:  wayne (still a baby), his dad & older brother greg
10.09.00 wayne, dad & older brother greg
have a fantastic week, you all!

thursday goodies

it’s thursday baby…oh yeah.

what a lovely day it is today here in london… (this was taken on my way to work this morning)

10.10.07 Sunny morning

WAY better than this:  (this was over the weekend)

10.10.03 Rainy weather

i am so glad that it’s thursday.  it felt like SUCH a loooooong week. 

wayne bought a few winter tops for himself & here is one iron fist one; he was modelling them for me… (nips this is just for you)

10.10.03 Wayne & iron Fist

he is SUCH a cutie… in ‘almost’ 3 months time i will be married to him… CAN’T wait!

sorry for the not too great quality photo’s. they have all been taken with my iphone over the last month & a bit because i still need to buy a cable for my camera (since my previous one got stolen).

a year already…WOW

this past sunday it’s been a year since we got engaged.  i can’t believe it’s been a year already! it’s very scary to think that it’s almost the end of this year! not too long to go anymore.
tunisia_after_engagement[2] (2)
the weekend we spent buying the last of wayne’s wedding attire (i can scratch that of my list now too).  wayne also got a call that his ring is finished & he should come to have a look and see if it is what he wanted.  not too sure when we will go and do that because wayne is working this whole weekend.  on sunday we had boerewors rolls (a bread roll with south african sausage) from a south african shop AND also sparletta creme soda.  (for clarification:  the creme soda in this country is see-through and not green like the ones in sa).  it was so so so good!
10.10.03 Boerewors 10.10.03 Creamsoda
with all the wedding shopping going on – i HAD to treat myself (and since i didn’t get anything); i bought these cool boots for myself.
10.10.05 Boots 10.10.05 Boots1
the weather has been kind of shitty here the last couple of days…winter is HERE (woohoo).
this is the BT tower (like sa’s telkom) – the main telephone company over here:
10.10.04 BT tower & clouds
on monday london was brought to a stand-still, again:  the tube (underground) people decided to have a strike – AGAIN!  and this on a monday of all days!! i always joke & say that people only go to work on a monday & then go home on a friday; that’s the reason for the transport being so busy on a monday morning & again on a friday evening.  so the strike lasted all of monday and it was extremely busy:
10.10.04 Tube Strike
hope everyone is have a wonderful week so far!

little bit of everything…

i’ve been m.i.a. from here for a few days now; sorry for that. i’ve been very busy at work & in the evenings (when i eventually get home), i am so tired & then i still have to work on our invites; i don’t seem to have time for anything else.  to make up for it i will have more than 1 photo here today.

i found these photos & thought i will share them with you.

a lovely sunset over trafalgar square:10.06.00 Trafalgar Sq

wayne on the bus:10.06.00 Wayne on bus 

playing with my food – out on a picnic:10.07.00 Steph & big Smile

wayne eating a yummy magnum icecream:10.07.00 Wayne & Magnum

the mayor of london is a BIG fan of cycling;  so he started the ‘barclays cycle hire’ scheme.  with this you can hire a bicycle for up to 30minutes for free (if  you become a member).  i think the bicycle’s look very snazzy.  there is quite a lot of people taking advantage of this

10.09.30 Barclays cycles 

a bit of blue skies we had yesterday (didn’t last very long though).  10.09.30 blue sky @ work1

and finally the view out of my office …10.09.30 view @ work1

have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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