I'm taking a tiny little break from blogging for the moment.

We will be back soon- (Promise!)

wayne's birthday of 2010

i know i am late with putting this on the blog, but here is a couple of photos of wayne's birthday.

wayne didn't want to do anything for his bday since we were in the middle of moving to our new house.  so i created a picnic in the lounge with wine, snacks & his bday cake (and of course his presents).

the picnic

his present

his cake

blowing out the candles (i've already packed away the cake candles so the only candles i could find was t-candles)

opening up his present (i bought him a fish tank)
i love this boy!

our first bbq (braai for the SAFAS)

the first weekend we moved in, we asked willie (our lovely friend) to come over the weekend for a bbq.  we had so much fun & only went to bed after 3 the following morning.  since willie is a vegetarian we decided to braai corn sausages & for wayne some pork sausages.  we had this with fresh bread rolls & a huge salad.  the next morning we went for breakfast at our lovely 'the pantry' - it's an awesome breakfast place where everything is organic & they don't use oils or anything fatty.
first bbq
first bbq2
first bbq3
wayne was getting so tired by the end of the braai that he fell asleep with his mug of coffee in his hands.
hopefully our summer will last a bit longer this year than all the previous years so we can have some more bbq's with friends.

kitchen & pantry (washing room) & bathroom

this is the next huge room in our house:  the kitchen & just off it the pantry.  this word sounds very old fashioned, like victorian times... "i will meet you in the pantry my dear...".  (i'm saying this in a very posh english accent - or tried to at least).  our kitchen is really big, we can actually fit in another table and 4 chairs (we can't afford this at the moment - so it has boxes & a bookcase there at the moment).  i want to re-oil the counter tops & seal them against water & heat.  and then add some decorations like pictures on the walls.
i am thinking of adding a little bit of red in the kitchen to bring some colour in.  the stove & oven is a bit complicated for me but i will figure it out (or will make it look like i know what i'm doing - i'm good at that).
our 'koo-koo' watch (actually moo-moo watch - there is a little cow that comes out) was the fist thing that got a place in the kitchen.  and we think it look pretty darn cool there.  the bottom photo is the pantry with the washing machine, tumble dryer & loads of pack space.
we are spoiled with having 2 bathrooms - actually 1 bathroom & then also a separate toilet downstairs.  i told wayne that he can have the toilet downstairs to use & he took that as an invitation to go and decorate it with his duck.  it fills up the whole wall behind the toilet.  he is so cute...
this is pretty much the whole house except for the 2 bedrooms & the tiny study (aka wayne's playroom).
i will post later a few photos of our first bbq with willie.
have a good day everyone!

the lounge

now in the lounge we need to do some work; wayne is building a stand for the TV (on top of the cupboard) so that we don't need to open up the cupboard to change the channel; a pretty chair (for more seating & bring in some colour); a small coffee (more side table) so that glasses & mugs won't be put directly on the floor & some pictures on the walls & some plants.  i am leaving the curtains brown for now, that can be changed some time later.  and we can add some more pillows.

here is the photos:


our fireplace in the lounge & a snippet of all my books
more books & the new resting place for wayne's fishbowl
this is what i have at the moment for the lounge.

more to follow...

our dining room

i know i am a day late in adding more photos on the blog, but last night we went to see the Oliver play at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.  it was so good, the kids in there was absolutely fantastic.  and the thing was that last night show was the SECOND time that we went to see Oliver in a weeks time.  i bought the tickets for wayne as a present & then for my birthday i got tickets from wayne for... Oliver.  so we decided to go to both of them since the seats weren't at the same place.  photo's of this will follow shortly.

in the meantime here is a few photos of our dining room.  there is no pictures on the walls yet (this will come later) and i still want to sand the table & add new oil on it.  but luckily not that much work left.


so until tomorrow then for more...

reason for my blog silence

it's been awhile...
for the last couple of weeks we have been VERY busy.
1.  we packed all our belongings for our move
2.  we moved from the flat to our new house
3.  unpacked as much as possible
4.  had willie over for a weekend visit
5.  in between all this we were working, and quite busy too
6.  we celebrated our birthdays
7.  we went to watch oliver, the play
8.  went to Lille (France) for a day
9.  even had our very first braai (bbq) in our new house

over the next couple of posts i will show you the photos of all these things.

below is the first photos of our move & also of the house on the outside.

come back tomorrow for some more photos.

ps hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

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