one more month

there is only 30 days left until i add another ring to my rock
and i can’t wait!
have a fantastic weekend!!

snow snow wonderful snow…

this photo is from NASA via Mirror newspaper.  this is the whole of the UK covered in snow.

this is the earliest widespread snowfall in the UK since 1993 and OH MY WORD has this been disrupting the road & rail traffic. 
there is this article about the ‘big freeze’ in the UK – i just LOVE the title of the article:  “Travel chaos:  coming to a station near you” (click on the title to read the article or on image below).
10.12.01 Travel Chaos...Mirror
unfortunately for me, i have been at work these last couple of days so couldn’t enjoy the snow.  by the time we get home in the evenings (it’s even later now because of all the disruptions on the trains & tubes) it’s already pitch dark outside – so all of my photos are taken in the dark.  so here is a few photos of the snow in our area:
   the reason we can’t use the trains – and the reason it takes me 1 & a half hour to get home & not 45min.
   a snow covered leaf
P1000625  trying to get out of our kitchen door – to the back garden
IMG_1560  the back garden (or the little bit that you can see)
  the snow over our front gate (trying to leave the house to get to work)
  the front gate open
  the streets in our area.
i don’t mind the snow – it’s the COLD that is horrible at the moment.  this morning the temperature was –3 degrees Celsius (this was on my way to work – at 7.30 in the morning).  this afternoon was around 0 to –1 degrees. last night was –7 degrees.
tomorrow we are suppose to go to portsmouth – just wondering if we would be able to get there…
hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! 

my froggie slippers

my almost (in 4o days) husband surprised me with the CUTEST, WARMEST slippers last night
10.11.30 slippers
they are TOO cute. i LOVE them!
thank you my love! xx

40 days to go…

we started our weekend VERY early.  we had to get up at 3am to get a bus & then the Eurostar to Paris for the day.
10.11.27 Wayne waiting for buswayne waiting for the bus
P1000523 here i’m waiting for the bus – it was FREEZING cold
10.11.27 On the Eurostar here we are on the eurostar – on our way to paris. it only takes just over 2 hours to get there.
a few pictures of the beautiful buildings in paris:

photos of pretty paris doors:

10.11.27 Paris doors
paris bicycle system – same idea as london (remember this)10.11.27 paris bycicles
part 2 of paris trip will follow soon.

the 25th today!!

so it is ALREADY the 25th november, meaning that in ONE months time it will be Christmas day! wow wow wow! AND i will be with my family too!
this weekend we have the christmas tree goodies & decorations out AND make the house FESTIVE! but first we are in paris on saturday (hopefully it’s not that cold there – IT IS FREEZING here at the moment). 
i made wayne a lovely advent calendar for christmas.  the before (actually during):
AND after:
with a few presents in:

what we've been up to...

at this moment in our lives everything is just about wedding wedding wedding.  not that i am complaining but i am starting to feel guilty that i am ONLY talking about our wedding with family & friends.  but it's not long anymore; we will be home in about a month and a week & getting married in a month and a half.    

it's getting cold now so we are back to scarves, hats, leggings & layers and layers of clothes.  i am not the biggest fan of the winter (it's the cold & rain & wind that i don't like), BUT i LOVE all the winter food & drinks you get.  espesially the christmas goodies that is coming out now.  like peppermint mocha, gingerbread latte, eggnogg latte, all the cranberry & brie sandwiches, mulled wine & soup.

pret-a-manger (sandwich shop) has THE best cranberry & brie sandwich
here wayne is enjoying one.

i LOVE the drinks from starbucks:  peppermint mocha (my favourite) & gingerbread latte (for wayne)

here is wayne with his favourite drink & snack (rocky road).  just look how pretty & festive the starbucks  papercups are.
black & white photo of wayne in starbucks

then we went to borough market at london bridge.  it was BUSY & cold.  this is one of the best places to go if you want fresh meat & vegetables.
we then went for a walk towards the river - to go and look at the historic boats & christmas tree

we walked past the london dungeon
walked past a VERY old church (or what is left of it)
we played with funny hats
wayne pose for another photo.  i LOVE this photo.
wayne pose for some photos on the train
he jumped out of the train for some action shots
i took a few photo's of myself

i took A LOT of photos over the weekend, and probably drove wayne INSANE.  but he was patient with me and let me play around with my new camera.  (thank you my love).

new toy

i was lucky enough this year to get a bonus at work, i got half in april & the other half now in october.  i decided to buy myself a new camera with this money.  for this huge choice i went to different shops and played with all the cameras to see which one i prefer.  i fell in love with the panasonic lumix g2.  it is a digital camera, almost like a slr but not.  it still has the interchangeable lenses but not as complicated as a slr.  i am still trying to work through the manual (huge & loads of info).  i came to the conclusion that the only way to play & learn will be to have the book in front of me with my camera and then just try everything and see how i get along. 
i would have LOVE to have this baby with me last night at linkin park…
here is a few sample photo’s i took with the different ‘creative’ setting
10.11.11 Dynamic Art10.11.11 Elegant10.11.11 Expressive10.11.11 Monochrome10.11.11 Pure10.11.11 Retro10.11.11 Silhouettethis is only under the creative setting.  there is still Loads more i haven’t even tried.
it also has a touchscreen in the back – so you can change your focus point
10.11.11 Test110.11.11 Test2
with this one i just made the focus the mouse.
10.11.11 Test5
i can’t wait to play some more.  hopefully i will get time over the weekend…
wonderful thursday to you all!!

happy 2 month pre-wedding-versary

in 2 months time i will be married.  i can’t b e l i e v e it. 
i had an AWESOME evening to celebrate the pre-wedding-versary.  we went to see my ALL TIME favourite band – LINKIN PARK.  oh man do i LOVE them.  and without complaining (a lot, in any way) my husband to be (htb) goes with me EVERY SINGLE time (i must admit this was the 3rd time).
here is a VERY VERY small clip that i took on my iphone (so the sound isn’t that great).

Linkin Park_10 November 2010 from Stephanie Swan on Vimeo.

here is a couple of photos taken at the O2 centre.
10.11.10 Linkin park310.11.10 Linkin park1810.11.10 Linkin park1910.11.10 Linkin park2010.11.10 Linkin park2310.11.10 Linkin park2410.11.10 Linkin park25 these were all taken before linkin park started. we were waiting for the supporting band to come up.  the support band was ‘does it offend you, yeah?’ and by the way i seriously think the lead singer was either drunk or stoned.  their beat was great but he never sang anything it was just screaming and all he said in between songs was:  ‘yeah, london, it’s f*&$%king great to be here’ and some more swear words. (clink on the link to hear some of their songs – i know they sang the ‘we are the dead’ song.)
10.11.10 Linkin park2710.11.10 Linkin park21  the O2 arena is HUGE. (it can hold around 65,000 people when they have a music concert).  here it’s still filling up with people.
10.11.10 Linkin park1110.11.10 Linkin park12  getting fuller & crowded
10.11.10 Linkin park510.11.10 Linkin park1410.11.10 Linkin park28 this was the stage & lights.
it was so so good. can’t wait for their next tour to london.  (sorry the photos are of such poor quality, but still waiting for my memory card so that i can start to use my camera.  these were all taken with my iphone).
my sexy htb had a haircut last sunday, to decide how he wants his hair for the wedding.  shame,  he was so not looking forward to it, but absolutely LOVES his hair now.

10.11.07 Wayne Hair10.11.07 Wayne Hair110.11.07 Steph Hair
i just can’t BELIEVE that in 2 months time i will call him my HUSBAND.  that’s going to feel so strange.  ooh, and we booked our honeymoon….MAURITIUS here we come for 9 glorious days.  can’t wait!!!

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