Linkin Park

On Monday evening, 28th February, we were lucky enough to go and watch Linkin Park at the new Millennium Dome (now called The O2). Below is The O2 how it looks now.I was so excited about this!  Was looking forward to seeing them again.  We went to see them a few years ago in Manchester, and that made Wayne a fan of them too.  The O2 inside is MASSIVE! It consists of the O2 arena (were all the concerts take place), the Indigo (for plays and smaller concerts), The bubble (were Tutankhamen is currently on display), Vue (movie theatre, and can take about 770 people) and then there are a lot of food places and pubs (including Nando's and Spur).The O2 arena (were we went) can take about 20 000 people.  It is SOOO big inside.  The seats are tiny (too fit in all these people) and there is no space but at least you can see the stage. 
This is us in front of the arena, waiting patiently to enter.  

This is the arena inside.
And then the lovely stage where Linkin Park and Biffy Clyro (the supporting act) did their stuff.
Linkin Park performed most of their famous new songs and almost all their popular old songs like:  In the End, Crawling, Numb to name a few.

I had an AWESOME evening, can't wait for Linkin Park to go on tour again.  
Since London was the last bit of their Minutes to Midnight tour.

Enjoy the few picks (even if they are a bit blurry).

Wayne and me (with my warm mussie my ouma made me)

Wayne on the bus on our way back from Covent Garden. (19th Jan 08)


My first day back at work (15 January 2008).
Not too happy being back in UK and back at work.

In London

This was taken in Trafalgar Square on the 4th August 2007. Behind us is the fountain in the square.

the him & her behind the title

welcome to our blog!

he is from cape town, south africa
she is from pretoria, south africa
we met in london, uk

we stayed in the same share house in walthamstow
she moved in the share house in two thousand and three
and he was being nice in showing her around in london
after a couple of times looking at all the sights in london,
she made the first move & took his hand
not long after that we fell in love

he finally worked up the courage to ask her to marry him.
and we are getting married on january tenth,  two thousand and eleven.

enjoy our blog!

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